​​2021. $98,000 settlement for person overdetained at jail.

2020. $150,000 settlement for person overdetained in jail.

2018. Litigation led to large energy company deciding not to build energy plant in environmentally sensitive area.

2017. Won appeal in 4th circuit reversing dismissal of lawsuit regarding limitations on leafletting.

2016. Convictions reversed for court-appointed criminal defendant. DC Court of Appeals held that the trial court improperly denied a jury trial. Because the trial judge acquitted the defendant on some charges, and remaining charges would not qualify the defendant for a jury trial, the government argued that the only remedy was to remand for a judge trial, which the defendant already received. The appeals court rejected that argument and remanded for a jury trial on the convictions.


2018. Obtained modification of child custody from the mother to the father.

2016. Following a victory against WMATA challenging their policy against busking, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia awarded 100% of requested fees for attorney Sean Day and two co-counsels.

2015. $75,000 settlement against Prince George's County Police Department for client who alleged she was unlawfully arrested and pepper-sprayed.

2022. Trial court decision reversed where the defendant was stopped, fled, and discarded items as he fled. Court of Appeals determined these items were fruits of an unlawful stop.

​2021. Won appeal regarding the suppression of evidence obtained by a repo man who was reclaiming a rental vehicle. 

​2021. $175,000 settlement in gas station slip and fall.

Law Office of Sean R. Day

2015. After a five-day trial (Circuit Court for Prince George's County), judge awarded 50% joint custody to father/client where mother had previously been primary custodian. UPDATE: In 2018 we returned to court and obtained full custody for dad.

​​​2017. $50,000 settlement against Baltimore City Police after a police horse stepped on the foot of client.

2014. Judge ruled that Calvert County procedures for dangerous dog hearings were not authorized by existing law. "Potentially Dangerous Dog" designation of client's dog overturned.

2021. Won against a summary judgment motion in a First Amendment case. Police officers committed several violations, including: (1) unlawfully restricting a protester's speech due to predicted audience reaction, known as a "Heckler's Veto," which is unconstitutional; (2) restricting the right to leaflet set forth in the 2014 Supreme Court decision McCullen v. Coakley.

2019. $50,000 settlement for soft tissue injuries incurred in fall on sightseeing bus.